When it comes to hip-hop, Marcus A. Ragsdale has a novel approach … literally. Before releasing any of his music or collaborating with anyone on an album, Ragsdale is releasing a full novel’s worth in a new hip hop poetry book entitled “16 Bars.” He hopes the book will introduce him to the world in ways that will inspire others and put his name on the map and draw attraction from big-name labels like Def Jam or Rock Nation. 

“I’ve been writing poems since age 19,” Ragsdale said. “When I first sat down to do poetry, my
intention wasn’t to write a book, it was to relax my mind. I got to the point where I was writing
four, five or even six different poems each day. When a year-and- a-half went by, I had all these
poems and I decided I wanted to do something with a purpose. I needed something to change
my life. I went for a walk one day and decided I was going to write a book, share my spoken word”.

But it’s not your typical chapter book – it’s a book so unique that it almost feels like a book of albums.  In fact, he describes the book as a five-album project that encapsulates poems that address anything from self-realization to building up the African American community.

16 BARS:  Hip Hop Poetry Book

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